Through our scholarship management service, we help parents and players to find the best option based on their level through a constant selection and recruitment process, and we prepare them to participate in level tests called try-outs in presence of coaches from the US universities themselves.

The sports scholarships offered by American universities cover from 50% to 100% of expenses, which include residency, sports medical insurance, tuition and maintenance.

Our partner, Sports Unlimited, a multinational specialized in sports and academic scholarships in the US, has contact with more than 500 universities in the US and continues to consolidate its position in the sector, placing itself in the world TOP10 in the process of international expansion. In this way, the Spanish company will have new offices in South America, the Middle East and the United States, which will join the presence in other European countries and also South Africa, where they already have a large presence. 

A growth, in the midst of a global pandemic, which shows the confidence and solidity of a project that since 2012 has been recognized by the most representative universities in the United States and that ends with many of its scholarship holders emerging in the MLS and Liga MX.

In recent years, Sports Unlimited, has achieved that more than 300 young people enjoy the experience of studying and competing with a scholarship in the different North American university leagues.